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Transition project

Visualisation techniques are known to be especially useful for illuminating concepts that may not otherwise be easily understood. Given the inherent complexity of the concept of sustainability, its representation visually is of great value in promoting among stakeholders a common understanding of the interrelations between multiple component issues.

The aim of the transition project was to develop a visual map of the sustainability issues that are related to the materials, buildings, open spaces and onsite infrastructure of urban developments. A systems consideration of urban sustainability informed the identification of around 650 sustainability issues important over the whole life of an urban development. Mapping software was used to chart the interrelations between these issues and the resulting topography was combined with information on impact, scale and affected stakeholders. The information gained was employed to create an interactive multimedia environment that enables different stakeholders to explore the salient sustainable factors that could attend their urban development decisions.

Main outputs:

Construction Management Research Unit (CMRU) at the University of Dundee Glasgow Caledonian University Loughborough University University of St Andrews EPSRC SUE Consortia