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SUE-MoT Conference 2007 - International Conference on Whole Life Urban Sustainability and Its Assessment - 27-29 June 2007 - Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

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Note that the presentations are currently password-protected. Some presentations are not available for distribution.

Keynote presentations

  1. Reframing environmental performance goals for buildings Raymond J. Cole
  2. Sustainable assessment in New Zealand — 100% pure conjecture? Bob Frame

Integration and Complexity

  1. Sustainable transport visions: expert and non-expert stakeholder perspectives on sustainable transport Lorraine Whitmarsh, Alex Haxeltine, Martin Wietschel
  2. Development of an Integrated Sustainability Assessment Toolkit Mohamed El-Haram, Jonathan Walton, Malcolm Horner, Cliff Hardcastle, Andrew Price, Jan Bebbington, Craig Thomson, Toby Atkin-Wright
  3. A review of urban sustainability assessment methodologies Emmanuel Adinyira, Samuel Oteng-Seifah, Theophilus Adjei-Kumi
  4. The argument against a reductionist approach for assessing sustainability Alexandros Gasparatos, Mohamed El-Haram, Malcolm Horner
  5. Increasing Discrimination in Multi-criteria Analysis Valeriy Barannik, David Blackwood, Ruth Falconer

Planning, Regeneration and Infrastructure

  1. Assessment methods and tools for regeneration of large urban distressed areas Aleksandra E. Kazmierczak, Stephen R. Curwell, Jemma C. Turner
  2. OIKOS: An integrated approach towards sustainable spatial planning and management M. Olazabal, A. Urzelai, G. García, K. Herranz, B. Abajo, E. Feliú, O. Santa Coloma, I. Aspuru
  3. The development of the Index 21 housing layout tool: the assessment of non-monetary environmental benefits J. Scott, G. Deveci, B. Brogden
  4. A spatial decision support system for strategic urban re-development. The case study of Turin Central Station, Italy G. Roccasalva, Isabella M Lami, P. Lombardi
  5. Urban design for sustainability: parameters of place formation as tools of sustainability projects in the case of Temelli, Ankara, Turkey Nerkis Kural
  6. Sustainability Indicators and their Application in Decision-Making Processes for Eastside, Birmingham, UK D.V.L. Hunt, D.R. Lombardi, C.D.F. Rogers, I. Jefferson
  7. Application of the Analytic Network Process and the Multi-modal framework to an urban upgrading case study Patrizia L. Lombardi, Isabella M. Lami, Marta Bottero, Cinzia Grasso
  8. The use of the Analytic Network Process for the sustainability assessment of an urban transformation project Marta Bottero, Giulio Mondini, Marco Valle
  9. Demographic change and infrastructural cost – a calculation tool for regional planning Georg Schiller
  10. Can Green Infrastructure promote the urban renaissance and aid urban sustainability in the UK? Ian C. Mell
  11. Transformation processes of large railway stations in Europe: when urban quality is directly related to positional value Isabella M. Lami
  12. Assessment of traffic congestions in Akure (Nigeria) using GIS approach: lessons and challenges for urban sustenance. E.F. Ogunbodede
  13. Urban sustainability through decentralisation and interconnection of energy, waste and water related solutions: Case EVA Lanxmeer, Culemborg (The Netherlands) A. van Timmeren
  14. Selecting sustainability indicators for urban energy systems James Keirstead
  15. A decision support system for water cycle management in new developments: user scenarios for consideration of sustainability imperatives A. Louise Hurley, Stephen R. Mounce, Richard M. Ashley, Daniel Gilmour, Christos Makropoulos
  16. More Sustainable Management of Pollution: Integrated Approach, Models and Tools Carol Pettit, Adisa Azapagic, Abhishek Tiwary, Danielle Sinnett, Tony Hutchings, Chris Peachey, Cécile DeMunck, Winson Chung, Vida Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank, Zaid Chalabi, Tony Fletcher, Sotiris Vardoulakis, Chris Grundy, Giovanni Leonardi, Hywel Thomas, Peter Cleall, Martyn Jones, Stephan Jefferis
  17. Sustainability investigation tools for water management in new developments Fayyaz A. Memon, David Butler, Shuming Liu, Patrick Sim, John Parsons, Richard Kellagher, Surajate Boonya-Aroonnet, Ana M. Millan
  18. A GIS tool for modelling and visualising sustainability indicators across three regions of Ireland Jennifer Donlan, Bernadette O’Regan, John Morrissey, Walter Foley, John Leonard, Richard Moles
  19. Sustainable timber frame diaphragm development R. Hairstans, R. Dodyk, A. Kermani
  20. Urban Sustainability and Ageing: Uncovering the critical links between the urban environment and successful ageing in place Chris Landorf, Graham Brewer, Lorraine Sheppard

Sustainable Buildings: Design, Performance and Assessment

  1. Sustainable housing projects in the UK: a pilot study Ranya Essa, Chris Fortune, Kate Carter
  2. Blurring boundaries in the theory and practice of sustainable building design Raymond J. Cole, Daniel Pearl
  3. Design for disassembly: support for urban sustainability in Australia Graham Brewer, James Mooney
  4. Cradle-to-cradle – A concept for the disposal of buildings at the end of their lives? Michael Simon, Mohamed El-Haram, Malcolm Horner
  5. Assessment focus for more sustainable buildings Branka Dimitrijevic, David Langford
  6. Experiences of applying a sustainability assessment model Jo-Anne E. Cavanagh, Bob Frame, Michael Fraser, Jeremy Gabe
  7. Combining environmental impact and financial cost calculations with quality assessment at the building level. K. Allacker, F. De Troyer
  8. A framework model for assessing sustainability impacts of a built environment Yangang Xing, Malcolm Horner, Mohamed El-Haram, Jan Bebbington
  9. Sustainable buildings in significant architectural contexts: a proposal for the area of ‘La Martella’ in Matera. Antonella Guida, Fabio Fatiguso, Antonello Pagliuca
  10. Examining the rôle of building envelopes towards achieving sustainable buildings Irene Lee, Robert Tiong
  11. Urban sustainability: comparative value of building-top apartments Gordon Holden, Morten Gjerde
  12. Sustainability Development and Capital Investments: Exploring Planning in Public Housing and Higher Education Building Construction Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger

Sustainable Communities

  1. Social capital and energy efficiency in urban householders Megan McMichael
  2. Determinants of social capital: prioritising issues for holistic urban sustainability assessments Cletus Moobela, Andrew D.F. Price, Peter J. Taylor, Vivek N. Mathur
  3. Using EIA for the assessment of environmental inequities associated with proposed urban developments in the UK Jonathan Walton, Cliff Hardcastle
  4. Examining the environmental justice component of urban sustainability: a comprehensive analysis including economics, collective action, ethnicity, and age Heather E. Campbell, Laura R. Peck, Michael K. Tschudi
  5. Sustainable community indexing, a process approach Joseph H. Konen, Casey W. Hoy, Maria Manta Conroy, Krishna P. Vadrevu
  6. Assessing transitions to sustainable housing and communities in the UK Noam Bergman, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Jonathan Köhler, Alex Haxeltine, Michel Schilperoord
  7. Using resident formulated multi-dimensional indicators to assess urban communities’ progress toward meeting sustainability goals Myra L. Moss, William T. Grunkemeyer
  8. Blueprints for resilient communities — micro-comprehensive sustainability planning in Baltic Sea urban local areas P.G. Berg, Tuula Eriksson, Madeleine Granvik

Stakeholders, Participation and Values

  1. Impacts of participants’ values on sustainability of construction projects Richard Fellows, Anita Liu
  2. Carbon-footprint reporting as a tool to support sustainable practices for Scottish SMEs Charles Russell, Kirsty Hunter, Sheila Scott and Geraldine Trufil
  3. Extelligence: a new angle on sustainability? K. Keignaert
  4. Defining, identifying and mapping stakeholders in the assessment of urban sustainability Vivek N. Mathur, Andrew D.F. Price, Simon Austin, Cletus Moobela
  5. Educating for urban sustainability: a transdisciplinary approach Graham Brewer, Thayaparan Gajendran, Chris Landorf, Anthony Williams
  6. The rôle of visualisation in effective sustainability assessment John Isaacs, David Blackwood, Ruth Falconer, Daniel Gilmour
  7. Progress toward sustainable development in a knowledge society in Italy and EU Patrizia L. Lombardi, Ian Cooper
  8. Surfing the landscape of barriers and incentives to sustainability assessment in an urban development context Cletus Moobela, Andrew D.F. Price and Abigail L. Bristow
  9. Sustainability appraisal and public examination of a regional spatial strategy Bob Giddings, Geoff Porter, Elaine Paterson, Kate Theobald
  10. Implementing principles of sustainable development: the rôle of partnership and collaboration in the design and construction of a new housing development at Upton, Northampton, UK J.I. Jackson
  11. A sustainability enhancement framework for the Dundee Central Waterfront Development Daniel Gilmour, David Blackwood, Les Banks, Fergus Wilson
  12. The rôle of knowledge management in urban sustainability assessment Craig Thomson, Mohamed El-Haram, Jonathan Walton, Cliff Hardcastle, James Sutherland
  13. Sustainable management of urban soils: Seeking expert consensus through computer mediated decision making Iain Hossack, Douglas Robertson, Andrew Hursthouse, Peter Tucker
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