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University of St Andrews


The University of St Andrews, founded in 1413, continues to maintain an enviable reputation for success in teaching, research and employment. The University was recently named best university in Scotland by the Sunday Times University Guide (September 2003), where it was also ranked number 9 in the national league. St Andrews has the highest accumulating Teaching Quality Assessment average rating in Scotland. The latest Research Assessment Exercise (in 2001) saw St Andrews win the most consistently high set of ratings of any Scottish University. The School of Management at the University of St Andrews includes within it the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research which is the key international resource centre in its field in the world. There are 3 full time social and environmental accounting academics in the centre as well as a number of PhD students. Professor Bebbington is at the forefront of the accounting for sustainable development field and has extensive experience in working with organisations (most notably and relevant with BP since 2000) as they seek to develop accounting tools/techniques to support decision making which is informed by sustainable development principles. Professor Bebbington has an extensive track record of academic excellence as well as funded collaborations with a variety of organisations.

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