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Loughborough University


At Loughborough University, the Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Grade 5* in the Built Environment, has expertise in Knowledge and Value Management, the Management of Human Resources and Sustainable Development. The Department’s research groups in Water, Geotechnics and Transport have technical expertise in the sustainable use of resources. The Department’s Institute for Development Engineering provides an international perspective on sustainability. The Building Services Group has expertise in the integration of new and renewable energy into buildings through the prestigious Faraday Partnership. The Department’s EPSRC funded Engineering Doctorate Centre for Innovative Construction Engineering (CICE) is unique as it is the only Centre of its kind devoted to meeting the research and training needs of the construction industry. The Eng Doc programme is four years and EPSRC funds are available for an intake of 10 researchers per annum. Loughborough also hosts the UK’s largest EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC). The IMRC will receive funding of £14.4 million over a five-year period and will strengthen our partnership with the manufacturing and construction industries. Many current IMRC and CICE projects relate directly to this proposal. The Research School in Ergonomics and Human Factors has complementary skills relating to energy and transport systems. Both the Departments of Human Sciences (Grade 5) and Social Sciences (Grade 5*) have substantial expertise in the areas of social inclusion for people with disabilities and appropriately designed environments.

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