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Professor Andrew Price


Over 25 years design, construction and industry-focused research experience. Obtained BSc in Civil Engineering from Nottingham Trent University. Worked for four years as Structural Engineer for Jackson Peplow Consultants before joining Loughborough University as Research Assistant in 1981. Became a lecturer in Construction Management in 1984. Early research focussed on construction productivity and the motivation and development of human resources. This evolved to include several project management related topics, including integrated design and construction, integrated supply chains, partnering and less adversarial long-term relationships. In recent years, the focus has moved towards measuring and improving the socio-economic aspects of construction performance, this has included: construction value, sustainability; performance improvement; Total Quality Management; and benchmarking. Current research includes: innovative design and construction solutions for health and care infrastructure; continuous improvement; and sustainable urban environments.


Construction Management Research Unit (CMRU) at the University of Dundee Glasgow Caledonian University Loughborough University University of St Andrews EPSRC SUE Consortia